Stats measure a player's fields. The player will gain 5 stat points per level after level 1.

Stat Fields


Gives more health. Good for tanking, and lasting longer in fights.


Gives more Stamina. Less drainage from Rushes, flight boost, and snap-vanishing. Despite this, running speed will never increase. It slightly makes the player fly faster when the player isn't fighting. There is a soft cap on the speed increase, which is 150. Players may still get more stamina after 150. This is good for having a large stamina supply and do more Rush attacks and fly longer than usual.

Ki Control

Gives more maximum Ki, less drainage from blast and beam skills, and less drainage from Ki blasts. This is good for having a large ki supply and doing more Ki attacks than usual.

Physical Damage

This stat field determines how much melee damage the player deals.

Ki Damage

This stat field determines how much damage the player can deal based on ki attacks.

Stats Multipliers

Each race has their own stats multipliers. The actual output of a field depends on the multiplier. For example, a Saiyan player sets their Health to 20. The UI may display Health as 20, when in reality it's 19, because a Saiyan's Health multiplier is 0.95.

Stat Point Count

Level Total Stat Points
50 245
100 495
150 745
200 995

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