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Roblox user SonnyDha_B (more commonly known by his alias SonnyDhaBoss, referred to as Sonny for short) is the main developer of the Dragon Ball Online series, and founder of Anime Online Studios (inactive) and Asunder Studios (active). As of April 2, 2020, his current account has 1,730 place visits.

His former Roblox account was SonnyDhaBoss, and he has an alternative account named AnimeOnlineStudios. He also has a Discord account.

Termination and Return

On October 23, 2019, while Dragon Ball Online Generations was still in development, SonnyDhaBoss' account was terminated for "sell[ing] Roblox virtual items for real world compensation" (according to his termination note).[1] However, one day later, SonnyDhaBoss returned with a new account (SonDhaKai at the time), and still remains in Roblox.

Because of his termination, Sonny had to disband Anime Online Studios, and later founded Asunder Studios ("Asunder Games" when Sonny announced it on Twitter).

SonnyDhaBoss' termination only caused a minor setback to Dragon Ball Online Generations' development, as Sonny was able to recover majority of the game's features.



  • His previous usernames are the following:
    • SonDhaKai
    • SonnyDha_B
    • Android_C13
    • FinalForm_Cooler
    • Android_C13
    • SonGT_Goku
    • Android_C13
  • His birthday is on January 24.
  • He is friends with Roblox YouTuber Roball.
  • His Roblox avatar and current username is a direct reference to the character Android 13, from the movie Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!.


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