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Ranked Matches is a game mode in Dragon Ball Online Generations that allows the player to do one-versus-one matches (1v1) with other players, under a set of rules.

Battle Points

Battle Points (BP) and Limited Battle Points (LBP) are obtained from winning matches. Battle Points are rewarded to the player whenever they win a match in "No Limitations" mode, while Limited Battle Points are rewarded whenever they win a match in "Limitations" mode. Banners can be unlocked if the player achieves a certain amount of BP or LBP.

Game Modes

No Limitations

In No Limitations, players keep their level and stats.


In Limited, both players have same base stats, but transformation multipliers exist and give advantage over players with no transformation or weaker one.

Endless Battle

Endless Battle (sometimes referred to as Player Match) is a sub-mode in Ranked Matches. It allows players to battle with players in private matches. In order to participate in Endless Battle, the player must talk to the NPC, and choose a map to fight in. Then, a randomly-generated invite code will show up, and the player must show the code to other players in order to invite them.

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