Raid bosses and raid quests are NPCs that can be fought for EXP, Zeni, and Skills.

The skill(s) they give can only be received once, and the Zeni and EXP can be received once a day. The player can do more than one of a raid in one day, but they will only receive the EXP and Zeni once.

Like Daily Quests, raids reset 24 hours after the player completed it.

List of Raids

Raid EXP Given Zeni Given Skill(s) Given Location
Great Ape Vegeta 70,000 600 Genocide Breaker Earth
Dr. Wheelo 140,000 700 One-Handed Kamehameha Earth
Devilman 5,000 500 Cross Arm Dive Other World
Meta-Cooler Core 1,000,000 800 Death Laser Planet Namek

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