Planet Namek is the second map unlockable by achieving level 100. It is the world for the Frieza Saga.


Intact Namek


Namek's geography differs greatly from that of Earth's, sporting green skies and an abundance of small archipelagos in place of landmasses. The majority of these islands consist of valleys, plateaus and flats. Replacing cities and Kami's Lookout are Namekian villages and Grand Elder Guru's House respectively, the latter siting atop the summit of a mountain so great it can be seen from anywhere on the map.

Intact Namek makes up the main body of the map and has the majority of the content, including quests, enemies and raids.

Destroyed Namek


Destroyed Namek is located to the south-west. In juxtaposition to the rest of the planet, Destroyed Namek is an alarmingly dismal area. Booming volacnoes spew as lightning cracks across the red sky, the greenery having been reduced to a smoldering wasteland not unlike those on Earth.

Destroyed Namek has only two notable inclusions, those being Frost Demons and Full Power Frieza.


  • Back when Namek first came out, it had some of the effects of Destroyed Namek in some parts of Intact Namek itself.

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