The Other World is a dimension you can go to in Dragon Ball Online Generations. Players can reach this area at any point by dying in the real-world and choosing the "Go to Other World" option instead of respawning.


Canonically, the Other World is comprised of three areas: Heaven, Hell and a middle area that houses the regional Kais such as King Kai. Only Hell and the middle area are present in DBOG, which will be referred to as the Check-In Station for ease of understanding.

Check-In Station

King Yemma's office

The vast majority of Check-In Station is empty space with only three structures within the area. These three areas King Yemma's office, Snake Way and King Kai's Planet, all of which hover above a sea of golden clouds. Inside the main building of King Yemma's office will be Fortuneteller Baba and King Yemma himself. Talking to the former will allow the player to return to the real-world dead, returning to the Other World upon joining a new server. Talking to King Yemma will allow the player to return to the real-world alive, turning things back to normal.

Snake Way is the winding snake sculpture that connects King Yemma's Office to King Kai's Planet. This location is more recognizable than most as in the anime, Goku ran Snake Way to meet King Kai.


The Bloody Pond

Hell is located beneath Snake Way and is home to Ogres and Demons alike. Though it does not have as many notable landmarks as the Check-In Station, it is split into three distinctive landscapes: a grassy area with trees dotted around, a rocky wasteland-esque strip of land containing the Bloody Pond, and a forest of dead trees. Within this dead forest are Demons that can be fought for daily quests.

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