Namekians are one of the fourteen playable races in Dragon Ball Online Generations.


Namekians have skin color of green variants, and varying eye color. They have big pointy ears and antennae of various shapes and sizes that jut out of their head. They normally lack hair. They have pinkish-orangish spots that pattern their arms, legs, and abdomen.

Namekians have no gender, and therefore cannot be male or female.


Namekians tend to have a great amount of Ki Control and deal a lot of Ki Damage, automatically making them specialized in ki. They also have a fair amount of Health, making them somewhat tanky.



Regeneration (再生 Sai Sei, lit. "Rebirth") can be unlocked at level 50. This technique can be triggered by holding down G, and then pressing whatever button the player assigned this technique to.

Upon triggering this ability, the player rips out their arm, and then regrows it, regaining 25% of Health and 50% of Ki and Stamina. The animation lasts for ~2 seconds, and afterwards the player has to wait two minutes (120 seconds) to use this technique again.

Theoretically, the player can be interrupted mid-technique if the opponent is quick enough. Afterwards, with no Health, Ki, or Stamina regained, the player will be forced to wait two minutes to use the technique again.


  • Great Namekian
    • Unlocked at Level 50
    • Giant Transformation
    • Multiplies all stats by x1.5
  • Super Namekian
    • Unlocked at Level 100
    • Regular Transformation
    • Multiplies all stats by x1.5
  • Ancestral Namekian
    • Unlocks at Level 200
    • Regular Transformation
    • Multiplies all stats by 2x

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