Kaioken is a power-up skill in Dragon Ball Online Generations. It is unique in the fact that it can be used by any race and that it can be stacked on top of other forms.


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Kaiōken, lit. "Realm King Fist"
Level Unlocked
Special Quest (Other World)
Default Drainage
1% per second off of health
Color Schemes
Aura:                   (blazing red outer aura, pure white inner aura)
Kaioken is a skill that allows the user to drastically raise their damage output at the cost of their own health. It can be obtained by doing King Kai's Special Quest in Other World. When it is used, the player is engulfed by a rich red aura and their body is covered in red blotches. If aura is turned off (G + X), then the user will simply emit a red glow. It can be stacked on top of other forms. It is quite lethal, as it can drain health no matter what. Therefore, it's possible to die from using it.
Stats Multiplier
Health Agility Ki Control Physical Damage Ki Damage
--- x1.25 x1.25 x1.25 x1.25


  • Kaioken can be indeed stacked on forms such as Great Namekian or Great Ape, though the aura would hardly show.
  • Kaioken raises the user's hair in the anime and manga. However, the user's hair stays the same in the game.
  • Kaioken is one of the few forms that don't have form mastery. The others being Great Ape, Great Namekian, and Absorption.
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