Humans are one of the fourteen playable races in Dragon Ball Online Generations.


Humans have skin color of tan variants (ranging from pale to dark brown). They also have varying hair and eye color. They look very similar to Saiyans and Androids, only they don't have tails and are purely organic.

Humans can either be male or female.


Humans are a balance type, meaning that all of their stat fields are equal and average. This also means that players are free-willed in terms of builds, meaning that they can choose their own play-style.


Faster MAX Power Charge

Humans can charge up to MAX Power ~2 times the normal pace. Charging the yellow Ki bar goes at a normal pace, but charging to MAX Power goes by quickly.


  • High Tension
    • Unlocks at Level 100
    • Regular Transformation
    • Multiplies all stats by x1.5
  • Latent Potential
    • Unlocks at Level 200
    • Regular Transformation
    • Multiplies all stats by x2

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