Gravity Room Training is a game pass that can be purchased for 400 Robux. It grants the player access to the Capsule Corporation Spaceship in West City.


The interior of the Spaceship is fitted with a Gravity Chamber that houses the Gravity Room Bots. The Bots have only 1 HP and award the player 500 or 1,000 (depending on the level) EXP upon successfully landing a hit on them.

The Gravity Chamber has two 'modes' to prevent players from exploiting the system:

  • Active Mode - The walls of the chamber turn red, Bots will begin to shoot at the player and they will receive 500 EXP upon successfully killing one.
  • Inactive Mode - The walls of the chamber return to normal, Bots will not shoot at the player and they will receive no EXP for killing one.

The player is allowed in the chamber for 30 minutes (1,800 seconds).


  • Bots deal a percentage of health damage to the player and not a static amount.
  • A good method for maximizing the amount of Bots killed is to lock onto one, fire a Ki blast, then immediately lock-on to another once the first one dies.


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