The user in reality is called "Golden_Chang". However, the system refers to it as "Golden Chang". This is due to technical restrictions.

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Roblox user Bijuu_Dama, known by his alias Golden_Chang (referred to as Chang for short), was the co-owner of the Dragon Ball Online series, and co-founder of Asunder Studios. He was the modeler for Dragon Ball Online Generations. As of June 14, 2020, his account has 0 place visits.

He has a Discord account called Chang#0835, and a Twitter account called @Golden_Chang1.

Leaving the Group

On June 13, 2020, Golden_Chang has left Asunder Studios and the Discord server, for personal reasons. On 3:22 p.m. EST, Gray posted on the server's #server-announcements channel stating that Dragon Ball Online Generations' development will continue, and that Chang left for his own reason and that everyone should respect that. SonnyDhaBoss posted on the #main-announcements channel stating a similar thing 8 minutes later.

The same day, Chang had his Twitter account protected for unknown reasons. It was re-opened some time later.

The day after, on 11:52 p.m., it has been announced on the Discord server that a new modeler will be subbing in for Golden_Chang.



  • His previous usernames are the following:
    • hjturbo
    • Kuramatyty
    • TheLastTailedBeast
    • TaleOfALegend
    • TheLastTailedBeast
    • TheSeventh_Hokage
    • Naruto_tyty
    • Boruto_tyty
    • TaleOfALegend
    • Bijuu_Dama
    • TrainingToTrick
    • ExplanatoryGlory
    • ChronicPower
    • Bijuu_Dama
    • TaleOfChang
    • Golden_Chang
    • Dominus_Chang
    • Golden_Chang
    • DestinedPath
    • Golden_Chang
    • DIOInHeaven
    • Golden_Chang
    • Bijuu_Dama
    • Golden_Chang

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