Earth serves as the starting point of the game, and is the world for the Saiyan Saga.


West City

West City.PNG

West City is the general hub of Earth. All players spawn here, and there are plenty of daily quests scattered around the city. Along with this, the Capsule Corp. building can also be located to the south of the city.

South City

South City.PNG

South City, though significantly smaller than West City, is nearly as important. South City is where players can find three shops: the Clothing Merchant, the Hair Stylist, and the Accessory Merchant. The player can also now redo their character design here,



The Canyons are a large area on the map, just East of West City and nearly stretching to Central City. This area is home to many enemies, most notably, Vegeta and Mercenary Tao can be found here.

Goku's House

Goku's House.PNG

Goku's house is the first area players discover after creating their character. It serves as both a quest location and starting area.

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