The Dragon Ball Pack is a game pass that can be purchased.


The game pass gives out three accessories, three pieces of clothing, and three skills.


The accessories are the following:

  • Power Pole
  • Flying Nimbus
  • Yamcha's Sword


The clothing are the following:

  • Demon King Piccolo Gi
  • Kid Goku Gi
  • Yamcha (Dragon Ball)


The skills are the following:

  • Neo Dodon Ray
  • Neo Wolf Fang Fist
  • Rock, Scissors, Paper


  • Prior to its release, the description stated that it would give out the skill Makosen. However, after the game pass' release, it gives out Neo Wolf Fang Fist instead. The reason for this change is unknown.
    • Also prior to its release, the description originally did not say that it would give out Flying Nimbus.

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