This is a list of offenses that are punishable by actions taken by the DBOG Wikia Team.

Punishable Offenses

If you suspect any user doing any of these offenses, contact a DBOG Wikia Team member.

Generally, you should always listen to whatever a DBOG Wikia Team member tells you.


Vandalism (alternatively known as grief) refers to any form of destroying a page. Vandalizing a page can include:

  • Removing a significant chunk of or all content from a page.
  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish into a page.
  • Redirecting a page to an unnecessary title.
  • Creating/editing a page in a language other than English. There can be Japanese text as well, but that can only be authorized by the DBOG Wikia Team.

Unauthorized Page Creation

Page creation refers to creating a new page. We highly recommend notifying a DBOG Wikia Team member before actually creating a new page. Not doing so beforehand may result in a verbal warning from the DBOG Wikia Team, and even a block.


Spam can include:

  • Sending the same message multiple times.
  • Use of copypasta.
  • Any unnecessary comment that fills up an extraordinary amount of space.

Explicit Content

Any explicit content caught will be removed on sight, and the one who posted that image/video will be punished. Explicit content includes:

  • Content depicting real-life violence (suicides, domestic violence, animal abuse, etc).
  • Gory content.
  • Pornographic content (includes animated porn such as hentai).

Hate Speech

Hate speech is never allowed. Any comments including hate speech will be removed on sight, and the sender will be punished. Hate speech includes:

  • Racism (and use of racist slurs, such as "the N word").
  • Sexism.
  • Blasphemy (terms against any religion).
  • Homophobic terms against gays, lesbians, and other LGBT-related groups.


Using explicit words (i.e. swear words) as a means of belittling another user can result in a block.


To make a sockpuppet is to create an alternative account, usually as a means of bypassing a block. Bypassing will result in the same punishment as the former account, as well as an IP block.


To dox someone means to ask someone for personal information (i.e. their phone number, their address).

Minor Offenses

These are offenses that are not punishable by blocking or warning, yet doing any of them will result in other actions taken by the DBOG Wikia Team.

Off-Topic Chatting

Always chat within an appropriate topic in a page. Comments that are off topic to the page will be removed.

This also applies to discussion and blog posts as well. Any discussion and/or blog posts that are not on topic to Dragon Ball Online Generations, Dragon Ball Online Generations Wiki, Roblox, and/or Dragon Ball media will be removed.

The only comments that can be off-topic are message wall comments.


Advertising things (i.e. Discord servers) is not allowed. Comments, blog posts, and discussion posts that involve advertisement will be removed. The only exception is if the link led to other wiki sites, or the official DBOG Discord server.


Being a nuisance to other users or to the DBOG Wikia Team will result in the comment being removed.


Refer to Punishable Offenses. How severe a user gets punished depends on how many times they broke the rules before. The punishments are as follows:

Offense Punishment
#1 Verbal warning/1-week block
#2 1-month block
#3 1-3-month block
#4 3-6-month block
#5 1-year block

Any offense after offense #5 will result in another 1-year block, or even a permanent block.

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