This page shows the manual of style that all pages must follow.

Page Creation

Any page created has to be about a feature in the game, or necessary content related to Dragon Ball Online Generations or SonnyDhaBoss' works. The pages we (the DBOG Wikia Team) are accepting are the following:

  • Any in-game features:
    • Playable races
    • Worlds
    • Masters
    • Game passes
  • Media relating to Dragon Ball Online Generations

We HIGHLY recommend users asking a DBOG Wikia Team member first, and then waiting for their response before creating a page (see Offenses - Unauthorized Page Creation).

Grammar and Language

When editing on a page, it must always be in English (American and British English are both acceptable), and always follow SPG (spelling, punctuation, grammar).

Any edit that is not in English will be counted as vandalism and result in an action taken by the DBOG Wikia Team (see Offenses - Vandalism). There may be Japanese text as well, but only when it's needed.


Perspective defines a point of view. There are three kinds of perspective: first-person, second-person, and third-person.

  • First-person uses pronouns "I", "our", "we", and "us".
  • Second-person uses pronouns "you" and "your".
  • Third-person uses pronouns "they", "he", "she", "it", "they", and "them".

We try to avoid usage of second-person or first-person pronouns. Therefore, instead of "you" (the pronoun users might use to refer to the example player mentioned throughout articles as), we prefer using "the player".

Images, GIFs, and Videos

Any image, GIF, or video is accepted, except for rule-breaking ones (see Offenses - Explicit Content). Images or videos that are to be put into pages should be:

  • Images/GIFs used for the main image of a page.
  • Visuals for what is being described.
  • Tips or guides, if put under an appropriate section.


The trivia section is only for information that couldn't be placed anywhere else. Comparisons should be avoided.

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