Character Creation is the panel accessed when starting a new game or creating a character.

Playable Races

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There are fourteen playable races that can be selected. Each race has their own stat multipliers and abilities. The races are the following:

Color Picking

The game's method of picking colors is via an RGB color scale. The scale has three colors: red, green, and blue. If neither color is raised, then black is created. If all three colors are fully raised, white is yielded.

Color mixtures can be applied. For example, if red and blue are raised, then pink will be yielded.



Most races can select their gender (male or female). Changing to either gender will change the looks of their face. In a Human, Saiyan, Half-Saiyan, Android, or Tuffle's case, their hair options are altered (in a Majin's case, their tentacle arrangement options are altered). Bio-Androids, Kanassans, Frost Demons, Yardratians, and Namekians omit this feature, and therefore remain genderless regardless.

While males and genderless will have a more muscular appearance with nothing underneath their outfits, females will come with a decal consisting of a black strapless sports bra that is most prominent when wearing bare-chested outfits.

Skin Color

Any race selected can select their own skin color. While most races' skin color can be selected via the RGB color scale, those selecting Humans, Saiyans, Half-Saiyans, or Androids can only choose tan variants.

Eye Color

Eye color can be changed for any race. The color selected varies on the RGB color scale.

Ki Color

Ki color, like eye color, can be selected via the RGB color scale.

Clothing Color

Clothing color, like ki color, can be changed via the RGB color scale. All clothing can have three different colors. Bio-Androids and Frost Demons omit this feature.

The clothing colors can be changed via the Change Color Settings in the Menu.

Race-Exclusive Options

  • Saiyans can choose whether or not they can have a tail.
  • Humans, Saiyans, Half-Saiyans, and Androids can select their own hair style, as well as changing their hair color. Both of those options can be changed via Hair Stylist.
  • Bio-Androids, Frost Demons, and Kanassans can change their shell color via RGB color scaling.
  • Namekians can change the structure of their antennae.
  • Majins can change how their head tentacles are arranged.
  • Majins can choose the color of their sclera as well as eye color, having white sclera or black sclera.
  • Tuffles can choose whatever color of their sclera via RGB color scaling. They also come with face marks whose colors can also be changed.


  • Although Frost Demons cannot change their gender in the game, Frieza mentions throughout the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z's anime and several video games that he had a mother. This implies that Frost Demons (Frieza Clansmen) do indeed have genders.

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