Bojack's Race (canonically called Race of Hera or Hera-seijins), referred in game as Bojacks are one of the fourteen playable races in Dragon Ball Online Generations.


Members of Race of Hera have skin color of bluish-greenish variants. They normally have a muscular build, and human-like hair.

Bojacks can either be male or female.


Bojacks tend to have a great amount of Health, automatically making them the tankiest of all races. Plus, they deal a great amount of Physical Damage, but deal lower-than-average Ki Damage. Finally, they lack Agility, making them slow in combat.


Whenever a Hera-seijin's HP is down to ~25%, any damage dealt to them will only deal half of the actual amount they were supposed to take.


  • Full Power
    • Unlocked at Level 100
    • Regular Transformation.
    • Multiplies all stats by x1.5
  • Ultra Power
    • Unlocks at Level 200
    • Regular Transformation
    • Multiplies all stats by x2

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