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Anime Online Studios (abbreviated to AOS) was a developer group founded by SonnyDhaBoss (prior to his termination in 2019). It was the developer group for Dragon Ball Online and Dragon Ball Online Revelations.


The group had 10 roles, which are the following:

  • Community
  • Bronze Community
  • Silver Community
  • Gold Community
  • Big Supporter(s)
  • Moderator(s)
  • Developer(s)
  • Co-Founder
  • Founder's Alt
  • Founder


On October 23, 2019, SonnyDhaBoss' account was terminated from Roblox. Because of this, he had to abandon Anime Online Studios and later founded Asunder Games.

Despite its deactivation, players can still join Anime Online Studios (its group page can be found here). Its logo can still be found on Dragon Ball Online and Dragon Ball Online Revelations' loading screens, and its name still lives on in SonnyDhaBoss' alternative account AnimeOnlineStudios.

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